Cook 'n Chill's freezer trailers can hold up to 180 times as much as a standard cooler*. Small enough to be pulled behind any van, truck or full-size SUV, our chillers are large enough to protect all your cold valuables. Use it for extra cold storage during peak season, to take on larger events, or to lighten the load on yourself. Chill out when you're on the road, rent a Cook 'n Chill refrigerated trailer.

All of Cook 'n Chills chillers come equipped with the following:

  • Easy-Loading, Ground Level Entry
  • Safe, USDA Approved
  • Reliable Self Contained Diesel or Electric Refrigeration Units
  • Temperature Ranges from -10° to 75°F
  • 8', 10', 12' and 14' trailers are available.

Ask us which is best for your needs.


*Based on our 12' Trailer and standard 12" x 24" x 12" cooler